Valet Me – The app that saves you from parking tickets

No more parking tickets because your parking meter ran out!
No more searching your car in crowded parking garages and unfamiliar cities!
No more paying an extra hour only because you got to your car 1 minute late!

Valet Me - start screenValet Me - settings screenValet Me - results screenValet Me - select parking feeValet Me - push notification


The free app Valet Me for your iPhone handles all your parking struggles.

Parking deck
Select the parking fee and time interval and you know the exact amount you are being charged for parking whenever you check Valet Me.
You can also select the amount of notice before you get charged the next time. This way you will never have to pay for an entire hour only because you got to your car 1 minute late.
Finding your car in a crowded parking garage or an unfamiliar city can be a struggle. Valet Me remembers where you have parked your car and shows you its position on a map.

Parking meter
Select the amount of time you have paid for and Valet Me will notify you when your parking meter runs out.
If you choose a warning time, Valet Me will also notify you in advance that your parking meter is running out. This way you have enough time to get back to your car and won’t ever have to pay another parking fine again.

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