Bubble Dice – Pop bubble wrap on your iPhone




What’s the best feeling in the world? Peeling the screen protector off your brand new iPhone should be high on your list. But maybe it’s also popping the bubble wrap your new iPhone has been shipped in. Think about it: *pop*, *pop*, *pop*… Makes you wanna pop some bubble wrap right away, right?

Well, we have good news for you. You can now take this awesome feeling everywhere with you by downloading the app Bubble Dice for free.

Bubble Dice is a new and fun gaming application for your iPhone. Bubble Dice lets you enjoy popping bubble wrap on your iPhone whenever you are craving that *pop*, *pop*, *pop*…

In the game a dice generates a random pattern. You get 5 seconds to pop that pattern in the bubble wrap or you’ll loose. Pop the wrong bubble and, guess what, you’ll loose. How many bubbles can you pop?

So, right after you’ve pulled the screen protector off your new iPhone get the free app Bubble Dice and start popping!